Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio Teaches Us to Sauté Mushrooms

Chef Tom Colicchio knows that sauteing mushrooms correctly can be suprisingly difficult and end up with mushroom “mush”. The number one mistake that amateur chefs make is that they overcrowd the pan, causing mushrooms to steam instead of brown. Chef Tom Colicchio shows you his technique for mastering the perfect side dish, the sauted mushroom.

Steps to Perfectly Saute Mushrooms:

1) Cut the mushrooms into your preferred serving size. Note: Mushrooms are about 85% water, so they will shrink.

2) Don’t overcrowd the mushrooms in the pan, or they will steam instead of saute.

3) Get your Made In Frying Pan hot by leaving over medium heat for a few minutes.

4) Add your mushrooms to the pan, but leave enough room for the water in the mushrooms to evaporate out of the pan.

5) Move the mushrooms around to continue to evaporate the water.

6) Finish the cooking process in the pan with garlic, onions, butter, and an herb like parsley. Lower the heat to keep the onions and additions from burning.

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