Risotto with Chef Ian Thurwachter from Intero Restaurant

Chef Ian Thurwacther recreates a classic risotto for us and one of the most popular dishes at Intero. This risotto can be made in about 30 minutes with pretty simple ingredients. As Ian says, “this is something that every home cook should know how to do (or at least attempt it).”

Featured items: Made In’s Saucepans and Made In’s Saute Pan

Steps to Making the Perfect Risotto

  1. Start by heating up your Made In Saute Pan over a low setting with the oil or fat of your choice. When the oil begins to shimmer, it is ready. If it begins to smoke, your pan is too hot and you should lower the heat.
  2. Add some chopped onions to the pan and sweat them
  3. Add your risotto to the pan to toast the grain. Stir it around frequently to evenly distribute the heat.
  4. Add a bit of white wine to your risotto to add some acidity that will balance the richness of the final dish. Continue to stir in the saute pan.
  5. Add chicken stock in a 3:1 stock-to-rice capacity. Note: do not add the stock all at once. Add a bit, season with salt, add a bit more stock, then a bit more salt, and so on…this flavors both the rice and the stock evenly.
  6. You will know when to add more stock when the stock begins to bubble and boil. At this point, add a bit more stock and some more salt. Be careful not to over salt…taste as you go!
  7. You will know the risotto is done cooking when the grains are enlarged and slightly translucent.
  8. At this point, add butter, cheese and grilled corn if you’d like.
  9. Bring the pan up to a heavy simmer and continue to stir to evenly distribute the heat and ingredients.
  10. Pro tip: when plating, give the dish a gentle shake to distribute the risotto across the plate evenly. You can then top it with herbs, tomatoes, or other pairings.


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